About Us

B2 Connect was born from the idea that WiFi connectivity should be Fast & Reliable, wherever you go and whenever you need it. Wi-Fi has become the lifeline of any business and delivering it across large estates can be a challenge. Thanks to partners like Ruckus and Ubitiqui, B2 Connect has the capability, expertise, and passion to deliver on this vision.

Give your business everything you’ve got.
Leave the network management to us.


Smart Wi-Fi

  • Our Smart Wi-Fi Services come at affordable rates compared to market prices.
  • Guaranteed Stakeholder delight through evolving technological solutions.

Easy Shopping

  • Have the latest gadgets at your doorstep, one click away.
  • Let shopping be an experience in itself, saving money and time

Secure Finance

  • Dream Big! Let us help you attain your Financial Goals.
  • Our Financial Solutions & Experts,  hand-hold you through each step of your journey.



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